Siemens: Corporate Sponsor of the Year

Thank You SiemensSonLight Power experienced many challenges in the summer of 09, but God continued to bless the ministry in new ways! Long time supporter and mission team member, Bart Sauer, approached his employer, Siemens, and asked them to make a donation to support SLP.

Siemens came through in an amazing way - they provided funds to cover not one, but TWO complete school systems. In June of 2009, the systems were installed by the mission team that included Bart and his daughter Rachel. The elementary schools selected for sponsorship were El Guajiniquil and La Quesera in the southeastern part of Honduras. Without the sponsorship from Siemens, this June trip may not have become a reality.

After the trip Bart commented to some of his Siemens co-workers, "Your gift was a great blessing to me, my daughter Rachel (16), the rest of the SLP team, and above all - these schools, their families and communities." A TV and DVD player were included in each installation - many of the students had never seen either. Few, if any, have electricity or running water at home. Bart said, "This truly has provided a positive change and encouragement to the students and teachers." Many of these certified teachers typically travel 1 - 2 hours one way to school, and are now thrilled to be empowered to improve the quality of their teaching. "The teacher at the first school told us… that her kids had been praying for a year that their school would be selected to have solar power installed. The next day, we saw that same teacher in San Marcos. She stated her students had prayed that day for our SonLight Power team, and Siemens!"

A Siemens executive, Peter Plzak, responded, "Thank you very much for the opportunity to play a small and indirect role in a project that impacts positively the lives of people who are in real need." Peter went on to say that seeing the picture of the children thanking Siemens brought tears to his eyes.

SonLight Power is humbled to name Siemens as our very first Corporate Sponsor of the Year - plans are under way to honor the company at our annual dinner in February 28, 2010. We look forward to partnering with this fine company again in the future.

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